Sunday, 12 February 2017

enjoying the cool....

Hate to mention the 'cool' word especially when so many folks from NSW and Queensland are absolutely sweltering. Hope you all get a cool change soon.
The binding was sewn onto the  baby quilt, it was gifted and will be treasured! My clamshells have their binding too and I love it. A little too scared to put it on the table at the moment for fear of the barbarians spilling something on it. I'm hyperventilating just thinking about it...must keep it safe. lol
Here they are all finished with their pretty bindings..

 Even got a new Caswell block finished today....
Unfortunately my camera is not showing the true colours in the fabrics for all three projects but this is as true to colour as I could get. The bright circles aren't that bright in real life.
Now to the next block......happy days!!
Hope you all have a great week

Sunday, 5 February 2017

lazy sunday afternoon...

Back into the work routine and it is making me really treasure the weekend and be a little selfish with my time too. If I have to stress about fitting something in then I don't want to push myself . What will be will be.
I need to realise I can't do everything.
Included in that selfishness is making my crafting time available.....after looking after the essentials.
Today I got to play in the afternoon and get some binding sewn onto the two little quilts that Fiona quilted for me. They look amazing and I want to gift the baby quilt tomorrow so tonight's job will be sewing down the binding. I wanted the quilting to look a bit modern and not too complicated. Fiona filled that criteria beautifully.
 With this small clamshell quilt I told her to do whatever took her fancy and it is gorgeous!!
Not sure what i will use this for perhaps a table topper? Have put a sleeve on it just in case I want to hang it.
This year there is going to be a reduction in flimsies!

My return to my Caswell project has continued.... One block finished and another ready to go.

I'm going to mix it up with this one and make the flowers in purples. We'll see how it goes. I'm not very adventurous usually but I have added a few purples in other blocks so it should tie in ok.
stay tuned.
Hope you have had some crafty time this weekend too.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Caswell inspiration.

I have missed working on My Caswell blocks so much, I think it must have been before we went away last year since we have spent quality time together and with finding the perfect backing for it I felt we needed to get reacquainted sewing room or no sewing room. So last night I decided to take stock and start prepping the templates for the next set of blocks.
Six new blocks ready to have the applique pieces selected. I am so looking forward to this.

And just to get me fired up, as if I needed to be, I set out all the blocks so far to see how pretty they were.

Would you like to see?
17 completed not in their final order, 6 prepared and that will leave two to do as I will finish this at 25 blocks instead of 30. Well that is the plan at this stage.
Happy Australia Day Holiday


Wednesday, 25 January 2017

OMG a computing catastrophe!!

I was trying to publish some comments on my blog but instead ended up removing up to 100 comments from my blog....
As far as I can tell from the forums there is no chance to retrieve them. I want my computer to play nice and bring them back...
so please don't be offended if you can't see your comment I didn't deliberately remove the content of the comments it was just an accident..
Image result for computer says no meme

I'm off to cry over my computer a bit more....
By the way if anyone has corrected this error please let me know

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

back to normal tomorrow

Time has flown and it is already time to get back to work tomorrow...
It's always a little sad but they don't pay me to stay at home so it will be off to work I go.
But firstly I'll fill you in on what I've been working on.
A new crochet project for a friend's birthday in her favourite team colours...
I am using an 8 ply  pure wool (made in Australia from Australian wool!) from Bendigo woollen mills and it is so beautiful to work with and so soft.
Great value price too and they offered free postage on my order.
 Slow and steady on the quilting of Sweet William.... I was about half way there then decided that I needed to go around the blocks on both sides of the seam as well so this will be a longer term project .
 9 basket blocks to go and 6 wreath blocks then all those outline rows and half of the half triangles on the outer edges.
For a last day outing Mum and I went to spotlight. I have been very good adhering to a fabric diet but saw the gorgeous Jo Morton  fabric for the bargain price of $6 per metre and I just could not leave it there... of course I had to come up with a reason that I needed it and so it will be the backing for my Caswell Quilt.. I bought the rest of the bolt and I am set. The green piece is so pretty unfortunately the photo doesn't show its beautiful deep colour- poison green I think it's called. 
Soon I'll get back to Caswell..... I am missing it a lot but need my room back first.

Well that is my catch up for now, not much exciting going on I'm afraid just slow and steady on bigger projects. I am determined to finish some tops off this year. There are some flimsies that are earmarked for hand quilting and some I will send to the lovely Fiona of Bubz rugz to work some magic on
I feel that I have too much unfinished business and it needs to be sorted.
I'll leave you with some cute lego people.. No 2 son is sorting some of his things out before he moves homes and he brought these home, off course we need them here! They are so cute.. I am quite taken with Tarzan and Cheetah. Very cute  I also love the Valkyrie... can hear the ride of the valkyrie playing in my head....

Here is a youtube video... to share my inner orchestra. just don't imagine the helicopter airships from Platoon....

Happy days!

Saturday, 14 January 2017

boy it's been awhile...

Seems like such a long time between drinks... I have been contemplating blogging lately... like lots of others too I think. To Blog or not to Blog that is the question?
There have been lots of crafting shared and wonderful friendships made through blogging so I thought I did owe my blog some loyalty and at least another go at getting my blogging mojo up and running.
There has been crafting and socialising happening since last post and of course lots of time spent with my two furry boys.
Let's start there.... Billy has grown so much and is 6 months old now and just a fraction smaller than Coffee.
He is such a handsome boy and reasonably well behaved except for the usual puppy misdemeanours.
I have been spending a big part of the holidays trying to quilt Sweet William but once the hot weather kicked in it was way too hot to be quilting by hand so it was time to pick up my clamshells once again. Slow progress till a vist to Sue (kiwikid) and a motivation hit from seeing her completed clamshell quilt. I started mine around September last year and my shells accompanied me to Europe as my on the go project.
Well all that motivation and a bit of dedication has paid off as I only have two rows to go and it will done...I haven't decided whether to do borders or not but that can wait for now... I'm so happy with it's scrappiness.
Thanks Sue for the inspiration....
My next completed item was put together today. A baby quilt for a work colleague...
Some 1930's fabrics from a friend's stash and a lovely vintage fresh feel to a simple quilt is achieved.
This will be winging it's way next week to the wonderful Fiona of Bubz Rugz to work her quilting magic on..
some other bits and bobs before Christmas were a few gifties
some zipper pouches and a pincushion...

Just to share a little extra prettiness....a visit to our local St vinnies shop to get dog bedding led to me having a sticky beak in the doilies box.... found these two lovelies. When I think of the work that went into them I just can't leave them behind..
this design is one I have used often but just never quite get around to making the cup and saucer, so cute...

Well if you're still with me thanks for making it to the end of this post.
Hopefully I can keep it up..and get back into visiting more regularly too.
Happy new year to All!

Sunday, 16 October 2016

back to the normality...

It's been a lovely two weeks at home since returning from our overseas trip and most of that time has been spent relaxing and spending time with our furry new addition. He is growing by the day and has such a sweet personality though Coffee may dispute that. Today we are going to our first puppy class so fingers crossed we don't get a detention.
Normal routines are back in place and tomorrow the ultimate routine known as work commences, sadly.
This week I got to catch up with crafty friends, it seems so long since I have had a crafty get together.
Lots of laughs and even some stitching was done over lunch and cups of tea and some sweets.
Clamshells are coming together nicely and I have another row of blocks basted that can be added once they are sewn.
loving the scrappiness of them.
 I managed to finish this crocheted cushion cover last night which I have been working on for a little bit. The squares are made from all the leftover wool from the blankets I have made.
I have another 64 squares nearly ready to put together into a small throw, but then again it may just grow some more if the mood takes me. They are very enjoyable to make and not too taxing.
the cushion will be gifted to a friend.....
well that's the catch up from here....
hope there is lots of crafting happening at your place.
cheers for now

Monday, 3 October 2016

pardon my absence...

Time seems to fly by at the moment and my poor blog has been sorely neglected.but I do have a good excuse....
for the past 3 1/2 weeks we have been travelling through parts of Europe with our eldest son who has been living in the UK. We had a wonderful time visiting with relatives and friends that I haven't seen for many many years..
I won't bore you with all the photos of my trip as there are so many. We got to go to the Colosseum, Roman ruins, magnificent churches in Switzerland and Austria and even went on a sound of music tour in Salsburg which was great fun.
It seems like a dream now that we are home.
......and yes I did visit two patchwork shops. I had Den Haan and Wangenmakers on my list to visit in Amsterdam and it was a lovely shop and there was another shop right next door which I would've walked straight past if not for no 1 son. Some little souvenir purchases were made, I was very well behaved (because I had spent up at the blue delft shop!)
A big highlight was also the opportunity to meet a bloggy friend Els in the Netherlands. We first corresponded after doing a swap  a long time ago. Els and her husband were very hospitable and showed us wonderful dutch hospitality and the glorious dutch countryside. It was an amazing day!
me and Els at the Royal summer palace.
As you know I had stocked up on clamshells as my travelling project, well no go on the plane they wouldn't allow the needle at all so I had to save it for the many train trips we did to get to the different cities we stayed at. I did managed to baste them all and make a start on piecing two blocks.
Since coming home I have sewn another few blocks together. It's lovely to be able to sit and sew again.
clamshell progress
just to share.... here is mum's baltimore quilt that we did the class together for. She added three more blocks and has appliqued sashings and has almost finished her outer borders which are so beautifully appliqued.

Another reason for lack of time has been the arrival of furry little paws at our house.
We picked up our new curly boy on Wednesday..... His name is Billy.
He is such a sweet pup but I know there will be some naughtiness in store as his eyes give it away.
He settled in really well with thanks to poor Coffee who has to endure his naughtiness more than we do.
A lot of time gets spent with looking after this baby and there will be many more hours to be spent in training and teaching him to be a well behaved boy. All part of the fun!
I'll slowly catch up with blogs and see what everyone has been up to...
Till then

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

puppy loving and knit purl knit

Last weekend was an action packed one...
Saturday spent with Elyte and Susan from Thimblestitch who was down from NSW.
It was lovely to catch up face to face with Susan as it has been two years since we last got together.
We exchanged small gifts.....
I made Susan a little zipper pouch with her favourite animal on it and Susan gifted me the most gorgeous mini hexie pin cushion. Needless to say it went straight to the sewing room!

some click clacking has been happening at the moment. I made two hats this week bringing the total to 5.
(one green one is missing from the photo)
 Sunday was another exciting day when we went to visit a Curly breeder to look into possible getting another furry friend.
The babies are only four weeks old at the moment so we have some time to decide whether to commit or not.
Twelve of these little babies greeted us.

It's hard to be impartial when you get to have a cuddle with these cuties.
I have some soul searching to do, it will be a big commitment. Wish Coffee could say whether he wants a companion or not? Another visit in a few weeks should decide.
have a great week

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

dabbling with some blues..

I have been thinking about a project that might use some of my blue stash, a project that can be picked up whenever and worked on and that can wait happily for when the mood strikes. No pressure sewing just how I like it.
These baskets were an internet trend project a few years ago and you know me I eventually catch up with the band wagon once it has come and gone.
They will be a handy little project.
I have prepared a dozen blocks so far.

 I want to alternate the basket blocks with a nine patch block so had to cut one to see how it would look.
I do like it but annoyingly my 9 patch ended up a 1/4 inch smaller than my basket background block.
I cut the backgrounds 6 1/2 inch and the 9 patch blocks use 2 1/2 inch blocks. Might need to check out my 1/4 inch seam. It seems I'm off to a false start already.

I have been playing around with some zipper pouches too. The finished one can't be shown at the moment but I thought it would be good to make a couple more to reinforce the method of making them.
I am not using a pattern so it grows as I go along.
Love this little applique and seeing that I don't need another pincushion thought it might make a nice applique for the pouch.

I have been having a bit of a knitting phase at the moment and made myself a slouch beanie. When a work friend admired it I offered to make her one ( I now have to make one for the other two girls at work too-new office uniform?) As a thankyou I found this on my desk one morning-some goodies to add to my travel kit. So lovely and so thoughtful.
Well I've made it to hump day....
Can it be friday tomorrow? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase?
Have a great rest of the week...